Our rentals are Tippmann Custom 98s with a 12oz-16oz CO2 tank, a thermal JT Xfire Mask, and free CO2 for the day. The Custom 98 is the best rental gun on the market. We use larger CO2 tanks than some other fields so you don't run out of gas in the middle of the game. Our masks have thermal lenses, they don't fog up. It really helps when you can see where you are going!

We are a "Field Paint Only" field and do not allow use of outside paint. Violators may be violated by a swarm of angry paintballs.

If you prefer pump play, we have pump rentals available too. To request a pump package, call ahead.

Rental Packages

Rental Package A
includes 100 balls

Rental Package B
includes 500 balls

Entry Package
includes 500 balls




100 HotSpots


Semi-Auto Rental

$15.00 100 Evil $9.00
Camo Rental $2.00

500 HotSpots


CO2 Refil


500 Evil


Nitro Refil

$2.00 2000 HotSpots $75.00
    2000 Evil $105.00
Other Stuff



Chips or Hotrods

Pop $1.00
Gatorade $2.00

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