Chaos Field - bush field
This field is long, steep and full of brush. It's filled with a dense xmas tree forests and snipers nests. The length of this field makes it perfect for objective based games where one team must transport an item or VIP from one point to another while avoiding snipers.

This field has little development on it - it's kept natural as a pure bush field.


Three Way Field - bush field
This is our biggest field. It has three main forts; Fort Rotten, The Trenches, and the Great Wall. There's lots of space to try just about any flanking or other tactics you can dream up.

We've installed a huge network of trenches and are in the process of adding tunnels!!



The Tower Field - bush field
This is probably the most popular of our bush fields. It is smaller than the 3-way or Chaos but has a lot packed into it. It consists of a plateau full of man made bunkers running parallel to a gully full of dense brush.

This year we've redone the plateau, filling it with giant wooden spools, and 50 gallon oil drums. We've also added two huge tin forts with five new towers.


The Maze - concept
This field is a one of a kind world wide (although there are some other fields planning on making their own versions soon). This fast action field demands concentration, communication, good eyes, and quick reflexes

The walls are semi-transparent but with hallways everywhere there is danger around every corner. Stick close to your teammates.

Airball - concept
Bush play is full of drama and suspense, Airball cuts straight to the action. Fast, furious, and a whole new level of rush.

Our 5 man field got great reviews at the 2004 Armageddon Cup - come try it yourself! team practices are held most Fridays - call for details."


* We recommend you call ahead to reserve *